Do you think about what you drink?

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Are you aware of how much you are drinking and the effect it is having on your body? Can you enjoy drinking without the killer hangover? Would you like some useful insights on how you can make healthier habits as we come into the festive season? This week’s #AlcoholAwarenessWeek aims to help people understand the impact of alcohol on individuals, … Read More

Drinking Too Much- How to tell your partner he is over drinking

Marisa PeerStop Drinking

Drinking too much is a hard subject to tackle Natalie Cassidy is taking back ex Adam Cottrell, who is violent when he drinks. If your partner is drinking too much you have to confront him about it in a way that will make him listen and respond. Here’s how. Before you decide to confront your partner first read up on … Read More

Giving Up Alcohol – Fashion Editor Changes Her Life

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Giving Up Alcohol– A True Story Picture the scene: you’ve had a stressful day at work. Everything that you prioritised to get done today is still lingering in the in-tray; that nagging feeling of unfinished business won’t go away; you can’t wait to get home. When you finally get there, it’s shoes off, cooker on, dog fed – but not … Read More

End Your Addictions with Marisa Peer

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End Your Addictions- Marisa has enormous success in curing all types of addictions She specializes in all addictions especially to end your addictions to alcohol, smoking, drugs, shopping and food. An addiction is classed as anything that moves you away from a bad feeling and towards a good feeling. Addictions are habits of action that are run by habits of … Read More