The Self-Critical Thought Loops of Postpartum Depression Can Be Helped

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Are you struggling after the birth of your new baby?  You are not alone. Did you know that 1 in 9 mothers suffers from post-partum depression?   “Any fluctuation in hormones can make women feel teary, emotional, and unable to cope, and at an extreme level – depressed.” – Marisa Peer. It doesn’t help when we are bombarded with images … Read More

Pregnancy Jealousy- How to Avoid the Bitter Infertility Spiral

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Pregnancy Jealousy Help I help women from all over the world who—for reasons ranging from age or fear to past trauma or health issues—are experiencing difficulty getting pregnant. Beyond the fact that being able to give birth is one of the most fundamental human urges, the societal norms surrounding women becoming mums can make this an especially painful thing for … Read More

Stimulants and Pregnancy: A Combination to Avoid

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Stimulants and Pregnancy- why they don’t mix As a follow up to my last post about diet during pregnancy, I wanted to write about some things you should absolutely avoid when you’re trying to get pregnant or when you already are. Stimulants are called such for a reason—they stimulate your bodies metabolic and hormonal system in a way that nature … Read More

Boost Male Fertility- Science Says These Foods Work

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It’s no secret that what we eat has a huge effect on our bodies—both in how we look on the outside and how our bodies function on the inside. While my advice on this topic is often to do with weight loss, it can also pertain to another one of my specialty areas: conception and infertility. A recent study published in … Read More

Marisa Peer Success Stories: Meet Lucy

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One of the best parts of my job is hearing feedback from all the people I help. Hardly a week goes by where I don’t get a tweet, email, or Facebook message from a reader, fan, or follower telling me about the amazing progress they’ve made in their life—whether it be weight loss, depression, or fertility. Becuase I’m eager to share … Read More

Get Pregnant Now – help from Marisa Peer

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Get Pregnant Now: is a brand new medically endorsed programme that can increase your ability to have a baby naturally or with IVF. If you are suffering from infertility or secondary infertility it is worth considering that your mind can disrupt your fertility. Science has proven that our subconscious thoughts and beliefs about conception, pregnancy, birth and raising children can … Read More

Stress the hidden cause for Unexplained infertility

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  In the West almost one in three couples are now diagnosed with unexplained infertility, the very diagnosis means that your doctor cannot find anything medically wrong with you or your partner so your infertility is unexplained. What many women wanting a baby do not realise is when you are stressed your body makes cortisol a powerful natural birth control … Read More

Conceive again- Rachel, 29, was Terrified That She would Never

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Conceive Again- Rachel was terrified she wouldn’t Devastated by the death of her newborn baby, Rachel Goozee, 29, was terrified that she’d never conceive again. This is her story. “When I first got pregnant two and a half years ago, my husband Mark and I were thrilled. I’d conceived three months after I came off the Pill and sailed through the … Read More

Getting Pregnant and Have a Baby….You Can!

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Getting Pregnant– You can! Marisa has achieved outstanding success helping women getting pregnant, have successful pregnancies and peaceful, pain-free delivery. So many women in the West are struggling with getting pregnant (around 25%), but Marisa has proved that this doesn’t need to be the case. In fact, most of the time, the barriers come from our thinking. The personal stories below … Read More