Flying Fear like schoolboy Joe Thompson?

Marisa PeerOvercome Your Fear of Flying

I was heartened to see the story of 12 year old Joe Thompson in the Daily Mail this week. He was stranded in Dubai for 18 months due to a crippling flying fear that prevented him from getting on a plane. His success with hypnotherapist Russell Hemmings is proof of how effective hypnosis can be at overcoming these debilitating fears instantly … Read More

See Marisa Peer Speak this Autumn

Marisa PeerOvercome Your Fear of Public Speaking

I have recently created a one-of-a-kind talk that I’m really eager to share with as many audiences as possible. The title of my talk is called “Mastermind Your Life in Four Easy Steps” and I’ve seen its beneficial effects in everyone from top business CEOs to those struggling with relationships or depression. I’m a big fan of little things that … Read More

Cure Fear of Flying- I’m in today’s Evening Standard!

Marisa PeerOvercome Your Fear of Flying

Cure fear of flying- Kara Dolman When Evening Standard journalist Kara Dolman came to me a few months ago, to cure fear of flying was so severe that she had once “reduced the entire cabin of a Kenyan propeller pane to hysterics” due to her in-flight screaming. The article she wrote after seeing me, published today, details how I managed to get to … Read More