How to Stop Craving Sugar with Marisa Peer

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How to Stop Craving Sugar

How to stop craving sugar is a question many people ask…. How to stop craving sugar is a question I get asked many times, this article may help understand how and why we crave sugars and what we can do to combat these cravings. Sugar is a chemical, it is bleached, processed and manufactured in a refinery and has no … Read More

Food Pyramid is a Big Fat Lie

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Food Pyramid - Cereals

I totally disagree with the food pyramid; it is so wrong and needs to be turned on its head. I can only imagine it was invented by cereal producers. There are NO human dietary requirements for grains and yet they are at the top of the food pyramid. Who put them there? Certainly not mother nature. Food manufacturers invented the … Read More

Hypnosis Weight-Loss – Marisa in The Telegraph

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hypnosis weight loss

Hypnosis Weight loss for Anna Richardson was a hit Hypnosis weight loss– Hypnosis is the most effective way to lose weight and keep it off forever and unlike other methods the right hypnosis makes it all so easy. In this interview with The Telegraph, the lovely Anna Richardson talks about how she lost over two and a half stone and … Read More

Losing 3 Stone- Marisa Peer Success Story

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Losing 3 stone– Jacqueline tells her story One of the best parts of my job is hearing feedback from all the people I help. Hardly a week goes by where I don’t get a tweet, email, or Facebook message from a reader, fan, or follower telling me about the amazing progress they’ve made in their life—whether it be weight loss, depression, … Read More

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies

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Gluten Free Treat Around this time of year, the bevy of Christmas parties and celebrations can mean that you’re asked to bring something to an event at short notice. This recipe for gluten free peanut butter cookies is so incredibly easy, and you’ll be surprised how well the texture works—it’s hard to believe when you’re eating them that they’re made … Read More

Pasta Substitutes – Not All Grains Are Created Equal

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Pasta Substitutes by Marisa Peer When you follow a diet that is low in carbs and free of wheat, you can sometimes find yourself craving carbs. While making sure your diet is full of high quality fats and proteins (like those found in meats, nuts, eggs and omega-rich oils) and fruits and vegetables is important in making sure you keep … Read More

Gluten Free Treats—Make Your Own

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Gluten Free Treats

Gluten Free Treats Are Better Homemade Because I advocate a gluten/wheat free dietary plan, I so often get questions like this one: “Sainsbury’s and Tesco both have a gluten free range, does that mean I can eat their biscuits and cakes?” The simple answer to that question if you want to stay slim, is no. But I think it’s important … Read More

You Can Be Thin Reviews- Responding to My Reviewers

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I read all of the you can be thin reviews that readers write about my books, and while most of them are positive (more than 250 five star reviews for You Can Be Thin!) I always make a point to respond if a reader says my methods didn’t work for them. Last week that happened and I wanted to share with … Read More