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Gluten Free Treats—Make Your Own

Gluten Free Treats Are Better Homemade Because I advocate a gluten/wheat free dietary plan, I so often get questions like this one: “Sainsbury’s and Tesco both have a gluten free range, does that mean I can eat their biscuits and cakes?” The simple answer to that question if you want to stay slim, is no. […]

Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids

Yesterday on my blog I wrote about ways to prepare some of the signature ingredients of fall in a healthy way. I realise that many people who have children may struggle this time of year as there are so many unhealthy kids’ treats and it can be hard to steer them away. The thing about […]

Paleo Diet, Stone Age Bodies in Modern Times

The American public radio programme Fresh Air featured an interview with Harvard evolutionary biologist Daniel Lieberman recently, whose new book The Story of the Human Body details, among many other things, how the modern diet results in so many of the non-infectious diseases plague us today. Things like diabetes, IBS, acne, breast cancer, obesity and depression simply […]

Fat Burning Vegetarian Diet

I frequently get asked by clients and readers how to maintain a fat burning vegetarian diet. Since much of the advice in my book is centred on eating lean proteins like fresh fish, grilled chicken, eggs, and tinned fish, alongside a variety of green vegetables and fruit, this poses a challenge to people who want […]

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