Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies

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Gluten Free Treat Around this time of year, the bevy of Christmas parties and celebrations can mean that you’re asked to bring something to an event at short notice. This recipe for gluten free peanut butter cookies is so incredibly easy, and you’ll be surprised how well the texture works—it’s hard to believe when you’re eating them that they’re made … Read More

Pasta Substitutes – Not All Grains Are Created Equal

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Pasta Substitutes by Marisa Peer When you follow a diet that is low in carbs and free of wheat, you can sometimes find yourself craving carbs. While making sure your diet is full of high quality fats and proteins (like those found in meats, nuts, eggs and omega-rich oils) and fruits and vegetables is important in making sure you keep … Read More

Gluten Free Treats—Make Your Own

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Gluten Free Treats

Gluten Free Treats Are Better Homemade Because I advocate a gluten/wheat free dietary plan, I so often get questions like this one: “Sainsbury’s and Tesco both have a gluten free range, does that mean I can eat their biscuits and cakes?” The simple answer to that question if you want to stay slim, is no. But I think it’s important … Read More

Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids

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Yesterday on my blog I wrote about ways to prepare some of the signature ingredients of fall in a healthy way. I realise that many people who have children may struggle this time of year as there are so many unhealthy kids’ treats and it can be hard to steer them away. The thing about children is that it’s less … Read More

Healthy Alternative to Crisps

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Healthy Alternative Snack Idea Successful dieters and healthy eaters know that the best way to kick an unhealthy food habit is to replace it with a healthy alternative. Since so many of my clients are addicted to sweets, I often write on my blog about sugar addiction, but today I wanted to post a recipe suited for those who are … Read More