How Low Confidence Is Killing Your Relationships

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Whether you’re married or dating someone, a good relationship is reliant on many influential factors. Let’s talks about two significant factors here: the confidence and self-esteem of both partners. Relationships that have these two elements are more than likely to be healthy and satisfying to both partners involved. Yet, if one of you suffers from poor self-esteem, the potential for … Read More

Radically Loved

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Imagine a world with high self-esteem, self-worth education and the power to believe in the words I Am Enough.  In this empowering podcast, Marisa and Rosie discuss the best answers to your questions: What is our responsibility around self-esteem? How do we know when we’re ready to change? What’s the best way to connect with someone? Listen to Marisa’s interview … Read More

6 Types of People to Avoid Getting Into a Relationship With

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There are several types of people you should avoid getting into a romantic relationship with. This is because they are highly draining and a relationship with them is likely to end up being toxic and damaging. Sometimes, people attract the same types of people over and over again because they are subconsciously trying to fix the past. But this isn’t … Read More

Rapid Transformational Therapy | Are You Looking for The Key to The Perfect Relationship?


World-renowned hypnotherapist Marisa Peer has spent over 30 years delivering expert advice and treatment to thousands of different individuals across the world – each with a unique story – and has now devised her rapid transformational therapy to help you attract the relationship you deserve. Marisa’s unique rapid transformational therapy has helped even top models attract the perfect relationship by focusing on making you … Read More

Ask for a Second Try – How to do it

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Ask For a Second Try Before you ask for a second try, write out why you want to get back together and be sure what your reasons are. For example: “I have dated other men but it only makes me realise what I have with you.” “I have spent x amount of time away from you and yet the missing you … Read More

Superwoman Syndrome- How to Beat it

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Superwoman Syndrome– Do you suffer? Victoria Beckham has said she’s knackered after being a new mum and working as a fashion designer, because she is always either working or being a mum and is constantly tired…..she suffers from superwoman syndrome. It’s never good being superwoman as you are always trying to make everything perfect and to be perfect. People who … Read More

Broken Friendships- How to Rebuild with Marisa Peer

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Broken friendships with Marisa Peer On “The Only Way is Essex” Lauren and Jess have had huge row over Mark, with Lauren blaming Jess and her family for their break up. When friends fall out and things become heated, often things get said that would be better left unsaid. It is important to repair broken friendships as friends are so important and … Read More

Understanding Women- How to Answer a Woman’s Awkward Questions

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Understanding Women – Awkward Questions Awkward questions are just the worst, aren’t they? You’re sat there wondering how you’re ever going to answer it, or struggling with understanding women?“Does my bum look big in this?” and “are you attracted to other women?” are just two of the many awkward questions that women will ask. If you want to know how to … Read More

You can Be Happy – Marisa Peer

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YOU CAN BE HAPPY! You can be happy, confident, and self assured. You can be free from anxiety and depression and you can truly like yourself Marisa has a series of Audios designed to make you happier with a better quality of life. These Audios are designed to change your mindset by implanting suggestions directly to your subconscious mind in … Read More