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Rules of the Mind

Marisa Peer’s Rules Of The MindPosted on March 20th 2019 | By Marisa PeerWhen I was training to be a therapist, I was challenged when I was told, “The mind is really complicated and very complex. It takes a lifetime to understand and to master.” I immediately thought, Well, how is that going to work […]

5 Foods to Avoid for Healthy Eating

5 Addictive Foods to Avoid for Healthy LivingPosted on March 13th 2019 | By Marisa PeerThere is so much confusion around healthy eating and what foods to avoid, here’s some guidance so you can make your own empowered choices for healthier habits.I have spent over thirty years helping people, including myself, make the right food […]

Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Posted on February 27th 2019 | By Marisa Peer25 February – 3 March 2019 is Eating Disorders Awareness Week, which aims to increase knowledge, understanding and help support recovery through sharing stories and resources.  With research suggesting that 1 in 20 people will develop an eating disorder over their lifetime, it’s vitally important to raise […]

10 Common Relationship Mistakes That Threaten Relationships

10 Common Relationship Mistakes That Threaten RelationshipsPosted on February 21st 2019 | By Marisa PeerBelow are the ten most common relationship mistakes that threaten your relationships and top tips for improvement.   A common relationship mistake is to wait for the other person to do what you want, before you respond to them. Couples with long lasting […]

Self Love and Learn to Love Yourself

Self Love – Learn to Love YourselfPosted on February 14th 2019 | By Marisa PeerDo you love yourself? It might seem like a funny question, but nothing is more important than liking and loving yourself.  When you know that you are significant, worth love, praise and time, others will know it too. The interesting thing about love […]

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