Coaches Corner with Christine Hassler

Marisa PeerPersonal Development

‘I Am Enough’ is based on 3 decades of being a top therapist with an incredible client list who all reported a transformational change that originated from my unique methods.  My clients showed me which of my techniques truly changed them and I created ‘I Am Enough’ to include the same unique life-changing methods for everybody so they could get … Read More

Your Thoughts Will Heal Or Kill You

Marisa PeerMarisa Peer, Personal Development

I was thrilled to meet Lewis Howes. We had a great interview together that has almost 100k views. It’s one of my favourite interviews and reading the wonderful feedback on social media, it seems it was a favourite for the audience too. What the audience tell me that they love the most are; the insights into how the mind works, why … Read More

What it really means to win a Stevie

Marisa PeerAnnoucements

I am so thrilled to have won 3 International Business Awards to add to the 5 American Business Awards I won in May. This is not just a win for me, it is a win for every RTT therapist because it proves RTT and ’I am Enough’ are getting the international recognition they deserve. It is wonderful to see people … Read More

Marisa Peer’s First Ever ‘I Am Enough’ Discovery Day


What Marisa Peer is most known for is her phenomenal Rapid Transformational Therapy method and her I Am Enough training which has become a powerful and permanent solution for so many modern day ailments. Marisa is hosting her first ever I Am Enough Discovery Day in Los Angeles on Sunday August 26th 2018 , where she will be teaching you why I … Read More

Fall in love with yourself

Marisa PeerConfidence and Self Esteem

My podcast interview with Thriving Launch I was recently invited to be a guest on the Thriving Launch podcast to talk about why we need to fall in love with ourselves. You can listen to the podcast below. If you have followed my work for a while, you will know that I believe that loving yourself  changes everything. When you … Read More

We can learn a lot from babies

Marisa PeerConfidence and Self Esteem

Whenever I’m about to board a plane, I always look around me to see if there are any babies in the departure lounge. If there are, I love observing the way they obliviously get carried onto an airplane with little to no understanding that they are about to be catapulted thousands of feet into the air in an aluminum tube. Like almost … Read More

Talk to yourself

Marisa PeerConfidence and Self Esteem

I worked with a client who was totally overwhelmed by her life. Her children were hard to manage, her husband unhelpful, and her job left her feeling overstretched and underappreciated every day. During our session, I listened to the language she was using. She repeatedly said: “I can’t cope: I can’t cope with my badly behaved children, I can’t cope … Read More