How searching for a job you love might be holding you back from succeeding

Marisa PeerConfidence and Self Esteem

Why you should stop holding up to a popular myth about finding your perfect job. I frequently work with Olympic athletes and regularly use them as excellent examples of what can be achieved when you develop a winning mindset. What many people overlook when they see Olympic athletes receiving their medals is the hard work, grit, and determination that goes … Read More

Is Dairy Bad For You?

Marisa PeerWeight Loss

Is dairy bad for you?  It’s a question I get asked a lot.  There seems to be so much confusion – is milk good for you? Is cheese good for you? There’s a lot of conflict. We all want to have a healthy body. No one wants to get cancer or actively encourage tumour growth, but are you aware of … Read More

Do you think about what you drink?

Hollie Pita-CarrAddictions, Stop Drinking

Are you aware of how much you are drinking and the effect it is having on your body? Can you enjoy drinking without the killer hangover? Would you like some useful insights on how you can make healthier habits as we come into the festive season? This week’s #AlcoholAwarenessWeek aims to help people understand the impact of alcohol on individuals, … Read More

Boost your confidence, career & personal relationships by overcoming this #1 self-defeating belief: “I am not enough.”

Kirstin WestConfidence and Self Esteem

In case you missed Marisa’s interview with Sura Kim on Thrive Global, here’s your chance to listen again to this candid interview where Marisa talks about her process with clients, how to experience “enoughness” in your everyday life, and how this one core belief can improve your relationships — including your sex life.

The Self-Critical Thought Loops of Postpartum Depression Can Be Helped

Kirstin WestGet Pregnant

Are you struggling after the birth of your new baby?  You are not alone. Did you know that 1 in 9 mothers suffers from post-partum depression?   “Any fluctuation in hormones can make women feel teary, emotional, and unable to cope, and at an extreme level – depressed.” – Marisa Peer. It doesn’t help when we are bombarded with images … Read More

How Low Confidence Is Killing Your Relationships

Marisa PeerConfidence and Self Esteem, Relationships

Whether you’re married or dating someone, a good relationship is reliant on many influential factors. Let’s talks about two significant factors here: the confidence and self-esteem of both partners. Relationships that have these two elements are more than likely to be healthy and satisfying to both partners involved. Yet, if one of you suffers from poor self-esteem, the potential for … Read More

How Your Thoughts Can Make Or Break You

Marisa PeerPersonal Development

Lewis Howes is absolutely right, I do see my mind as the horse, and I am the rider. This is why I started the #iamenough movement. By just saying those three words, “I am enough,” we can all change our thoughts, heal ourselves and live happier lives. Read more of Lewis Howes’ article in Entrepreneur.

DNX Podcast with Marisa Peer

Kirstin WestHypnosis

In this podcast, discover… Why the most effective therapy doesn’t have to be complicated How to turn your limiting beliefs into positive self-talk The three words that can transform the way you view yourself forever. Find out more about Rapid Transformational Therapy. Connect with DNX to listen to more of Silvia Christmann’s amazing podcasts.

How To Listen To Your Inner Voice

Kirstin WestConfidence and Self Esteem

“The stomach is the seat of all emotions and your feelings are the most real thing you have, so the trick is to listen to your feelings. If you get the horrible lurch in your stomach, your inner voice is telling you ‘this is wrong’.” – Marisa Peer In this wonderful article for Lifehack, Tracy Kennedy explores the inner voice … Read More

Radically Loved

Kirstin WestRelationships, Uncategorised

Imagine a world with high self-esteem, self-worth education and the power to believe in the words I Am Enough.  In this empowering podcast, Marisa and Rosie discuss the best answers to your questions: What is our responsibility around self-esteem? How do we know when we’re ready to change? What’s the best way to connect with someone? Listen to Marisa’s interview … Read More