Get a beach body like Danielle Lineker and lose a stone for your summer holidays

Get a Beach Body Like Danielle

Many of us dream of having a perfectly toned, slim body. Danielle Lineker has just that and and Marisa Peer has devised a diet just like Daniellas, so you too can achieve that:

We would all like to look like Danielle Lineker in a bikini. Enviably slim and perfectly toned, she looks amazing on the beach. So, the minute she arrived home from her break in Miami with daughter Ella, nine, and football legend husband Gary, 50, we twisted her taut arm to share her secrets on dieting to ensure we sizzle in our swimwear.

 “I’m flattered if people think I look good in a bikini,” says Danielle, 31. “But unlike some people, I won’t lie and insist I can eat anything I want and get away with it. Since I hit my thirties, my body is far less forgiving.

“I have to be disciplined, but I’m not obsessive. I try not to have too many salt and vinegar crisps, which is hard since I’m married to Mr Crisps. And I love dark chocolate, but I don’t have any little sins like that for a couple of weeks before a holiday.

“I eat food that’s high in protein and low in carbohydrates. I truly believe if you cut the junk from your diet and stick to the plan you will see improvements in as little as a couple of days.”

First on Danielle’s ‘get a beach body‘ diet schedule is to wave bye-bye to bread.

“I try never to eat bread,” says Danielle. “It’s a diet disaster. Me and bread just do not mix. Eating even a small amount of yeasty food makes me feel sluggish and look bloated. At the very most I’d have one or two slices a week of wholegrain bread, just for the vitamins it contains.

 “But it can be hard to change habits, especially when you have children. So you could wean yourself off white bread by opting for the half-and-half Best Of Both bread which I give Ella. I refuse to have white bread in the house.”

Cutting back on carbs doesn’t mean Danielle goes hungry. Instead she fills up with protein rich food like fish and lean chicken. “But that’s not to say I eat no carbs at all,” she says. “That will just give you bad skin and bad breath, which will guarantee your own space on the beach but for all the wrong reasons.

 “I love Italian food, but if I have pasta or risotto I make sure it’s made with brown pasta or rice. The white versions are overly refined and not good because they bulk up my middle.”

Danielle eats out a lot, and although restaurants are often ruinous of diets she manages to maintain her slender figure by opting for Japanese restaurants.

 “Gary and I eat Japanese food at least three times a week. Don’t turn your nose up at it before you try it. When I first ate sushi I gagged! But Japanese food is about finding the sauces you like. I love Ponzu sauce, which has a light lemony taste. And chili or soy, which aren’t fattening as they’re not creamy.

“Japanese food is tasty, lean and so good for you. What’s not to love?” Danielle points out that being mindful of what you drink will also have an effect on your bikini body. While fizzy pop will swell out your tummy, switching to green tea and upping your water intake will kick-start your weight loss.

“Green tea is full of antioxidants and I really feel as if it flushes out all the toxins in my body which can only be good for cellulite. I like Matcha tea, which comes in powder and although it didn’t taste great at first I’ve got used to it and have a spoonful in a glass of water every day. It speeds up metabolism so it’s definitely worth it!

“I make sure I drink a big bottle of water every day because if I don’t, my skin and mouth feel dry and I don’t feel so alert.”

Although Danielle doesn’t share Gary’s enthusiasm for the gym, she exercises gently by walking to get a beach body.

 “I walk everywhere to burn off calories,” she says. “But I don’t believe in expensive footwear that promises all sorts. I never go for gimmicks. Just walk!” Finally, if you still shudder at the thought of your swimwear snaps, learn to throw a shapely pose like a supermodel.

“Modelling for years taught me the body shapes that work best on camera,” Danielle says. “So, in Miami, when I saw a paparazzi lens, I stretched up to touch my hat. By putting your arms up, you immediately look elongated.

“Study newspapers and magazines for photos of the celebrities who look good on the beach and you’ll soon notice similarities in their positions.

“In a nutshell,” concludes Danielle, “whether it’s diet, exercise or just learning to pose for a photo, making small changes to your daily life can have huge, noticeable benefits on your body.

“So what’s stopping you?”

Danielle’s diet.. for you

Choose one breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner to eat each day…


A three-egg omelette cooked in oil with onions, mushrooms, peppers, spinach and any herbs for flavour

A soya yoghurt with 12 almonds or eight walnuts, a green apple, and sprinkle on up to a teaspoon of cinnamon as it speeds up metabolism, reduces sugar cravings and cuts down sugar levels in the blood

Two or three eggs scrambled in oil with slivers of Parma ham or salmon, but no toast.

40g of oats cooked with one-third of a pint of water, not milk.

Add a little natural yoghurt (or sugar-free soya milk) and a swirl of natural peanut butter or flaked almonds and a spoon of cinnamon

Two hard boiled eggs with sliced tomatoes

A soya yoghurt with a dessert spoon of sesame, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, a little cinnamon and a handful of any fresh berries

Two poached eggs on a bed of steamed spinach.


Salad with 4-6oz of either fish, chicken, turkey or eggs. Use 4oz of tofu and a fist-sized amount of nuts and seeds if vegetarian. Use green salad items like lettuce, celery, spinach, watercress, cucumber and a little oil and vinegar for dressing.

Aim for about 200g of canned tuna or salmon and at least two fistfuls of vegetables and four of salad. As a guide, you should have a fist-sized amount of protein, 2-3 fist-sized portions of vegetables, 4 fists of salad and a palm-sized serving of nuts.

4oz grilled chicken or fish with grilled vegetables like aubergines, courgettes and peppers.

Four pieces of fish sushi and two chicken or prawn satay sticks with light soy sauce.

Any protein-based soup like chicken and veg, or pea and ham (no creamy soups).

Frittata made with eggs, mushrooms, onions, peppers and Parma ham.

Baked sweet potato skin filled with tuna or tinned salmon and salad.

Afternoon snack

Soya yoghurt with fruit

Edamame beans with a little light soy sauce

Hummus (2oz) with one fistsized portion of raw vegetables

Handful of raw nuts

Green apple or pear

Strawberries, blueberries or raspberries – half a punnet

Two sticks of celery spread with small amount of sugarfree peanut butter

Every day, drink plenty of water and green tea.


Chicken or turkey with roasted vegetables such as onions, peppers, leeks, mushrooms, garlic, spring onions, celery, scallions and spinach

Carb-free shepherd’s pie: cooked cauliflower mashed with a little olive oil and served with minced turkey

Roast peppers stuffed with minced turkey or chicken

Stir-fried cod or salmon with any green vegetable seasoned with teriyaki or soy sauce

Prawn omelette or smoked salmon and scrambled eggs served with steamed green vegetables or a green salad

Cooked chicken portions served with stir-fried cabbage spiced up with cardamom, cayenne, cinnamon, ginger, ginseng and chilli – they speed up your metabolism

Grilled kebabs made with cubed fish such as tuna or prawns, or cubed chicken breast alternated with cherry tomatoes, small onions and sliced pepper chunks.

My beach body essentials

Multibionta Probiotic Multivitamins, £10.20 for 60 tablets, from Boots

“I take probiotic capsules every day. They ensure there’s good bacteria in your gut and they’re more effective than yoghurt drinks at restoring and maintaining your body’s healthy digestive system.”

Beach cover-ups

“I hate sarongs.They cut you off in the middle of your body and make everyone look short and stumpy. So ditch them – sarongs are so Eighties. I much prefer kaftans because they flatter everybody. And I had a lovely H&M playsuit on holiday which I slipped on over my bikini to cover up for lunch beside the pool.”

A flattering bikini

“I’ve fallen for the cheap ‘buy two for a tenner’ sales tricks and always regretted it. I’ve looked in the mirror and been filled with despair. “Spending a little bit more on your bikini means it’ll have more elastic in the bottoms which will give your bum a bit of uplift, and the top will be more sculpted and give you more shape. A good swimsuit or bikini can have the same flattering effect as a pair of Spanx or a perfectly fitting pair of jeans.”

A long-handled body brush, £9.50, from Marks & Spencer

“When you first body-brush, it can feel a bit too rough. But no pain, no gain! It really does make your skin look and feel softer. And I always moisturise everywhere – I think I’ve done so every day of my life!

“What’s the point in dieting and exercising if your skin looks bad?”

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