Hypnotherapy Training Cost – Why The Marisa Peer Method is Unique…

Hypnotherapy Training Cost – Why The Marisa Peer Method is Unique…

There are hundreds of hypnotherapy training courses on the market today, but one important question is, ‘How much does hypnotherapy training cost?’ Marisa is known for her work with royalty, Olympians, and Hollywood A-listers and has some of the most sought-after skills in the industry but you can learn her unique method over a 300-hour course for only GBP £7,800 (includes VAT). The course is unique and interactive, and even includes an intensive whole 9 days of face-to-face training with Marisa in London. The course is taught entirely by Marisa, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving the very highest standard of teaching.

The price of this hypnotherapy training is small compared to the potential for success you will earn through this revolutionary course. On your first day of training, you will learn to hypnotise a person and, after only 9 days of training, you will be able to hypnotise, regress and treat clients with a wide range of issues.  

Marisa believes that becoming a phenomenal hypnotherapist takes practise, rather than months of learning theory, and therefore the course has a strong practical-focus. You will also discover the psychological drivers underlying a breadth of client issues.

Marisa has changed thousands of lives during the course of her 30-year career and changed her own in the process. Being a hypnotherapist will give you the most incredible sense of meaning and purpose in your own life. Not only will you become a well-paid therapist with a flourishing business, you will also be helping your clients to transform their lives and that is extremely rewarding.

 Hypnotherapy Training Cost -The Breakdown:

For the majority of 10 day courses available on the market today in the UK, hypnotherapy training cost can range between £900 and £1100. These are often basic cognitive hypnotherapy, behavioural hypnotherapy, or evidence-based hypnotherapy training certificates. Diplomas in hypnotherapy are usually achieved through 3 week courses with costs ranging between £1850 and £2000 in the UK.

However, unlike many of these courses, you will be taught by Marisa herself and be receiving the highest standards of training from a world-renowned expert.

You will also receive invaluable coaching on how to set up and market your own practice. Marisa and her team will teach you the marketing skills necessary to succeed as a confident therapist, hypnotist and counsellor.

If you are looking for value for money hypnotherapy courses then visit our website where you can find more information on our hypnotherapy training cost, as well as reading our testimonials where previous course graduates tell their stories of success in their new field. Book a call with Marisa today by visiting www.marisapeer.com. Alternatively, you can read our previous blog on Become a hypnotherapist here.

There are multiple benefits and great aftercare included in the hypnotherapy course with Marisa Peer, both live and online. Included; monthly masterclasses with Marisa (including a live q&a), monthly masterclasses with our marketer (including a live q&a), your own facebook support group, email support from Marisa and her team, your listing on ‘find a therapist’ on Marisa’s website.