Joint CEO

Marisa Peer is looking for a joint CEO of the holding company More than enough Ltd

The Ambition is for Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) to rival NPL within 3 years and be recognized by the medical and education establishment as a transformational technology that creates unique and rapid transformational change

The role will entail working very closely with the Marisa and the other directors to guide the company from the phenomenally successful company that it currently is to achieve the status of a movement.

The responsibilities of the role will be to forge strong ties with government charities, medical and educational institutions as well as creating strong relationships with world class thought leaders and all major media publishers.

You will require a fearless and inspirational approach to immensely important task strengthening the reputation of both Marisa Peer and the RTT movement.

The requirements to apply for this role are:

JOBS - Joint CEO

Digital Marketing Manager

Requirement to apply for this role are: