Overcome Your Fear of Flying

This programme allows you to feel confident, relaxed and self assured while travelling on an airline. You can feel completely calm, happy and at ease throughout check in, boarding, departure and landing. Travelling on a plane can become as normal and as uneventful as travelling in a car, once you’ve overcome your fear of flying.* Download now for only $49.00.

Where does the Fear of Flying come from?

The fear of flying is really a fear of not being in control. We know we can get out of a car, a train or even a boat but we can’t get off a plane. This can make us feel out of control and trapped.

Increased Confidence & Self-Esteem

You can overcome your fear of flying

In order to overcome your Fear of Flying you need to realize that control begins with your feelings. That your thoughts control your feelings, your feelings control your actions and your actions control events.

When you change your thinking to positive, you can be in control. So when you are about to fly, you need to tell yourself that you feel as safe and as normal as you feel in a car.

If you can get into a car then feeling safe, you can transfer that feeling when travelling on a plane. You can do this by thinking the same thoughts and telling yourself the same things.*


Get “Overcome Your Fear of Flying” Now for $49.00