Selective and Moderate Drinking

This audio programmes your mind so that you become and stay a selective and moderate drinking only. You will programme your mind so that you stop drinking after one, or two drinks and only drink a few times a week. It will all be easy and not something you have to consciously focus on.* Download now for only $49.00.

Your mind is programmed to remember things you enjoy and triggers you to seek those pleasures. How do you re-program the mind to stop that pattern?

This audio is an incredibly effective way to help you get motivated to partake in selective and moderate drinking only. It will help you get re-programmed to not miss alcohol even if the people around you drink in your presence.*

10 Tips To Stop Smoking!

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Increased Confidence & Self-Esteem

Marisa has enormous success in curing all types of addictions*

She specializes in all addictions especially addictions to alcohol, smoking, drugs, shopping and food.

An addiction is classed as anything that moves you away from a bad feeling and towards a good feeling.

Addictions are habits of action, that are run by habits of thought. By changing the thought process, as well as the habit itself, long term success is almost always achieved.*


Get “Selective and Moderate Drinking” Now for $49.00