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Marisa PeerConfidence and Self Esteem

I worked with a client who was totally overwhelmed by her life. Her children were hard to manage, her husband unhelpful, and her job left her feeling overstretched and underappreciated every day. During our session, I listened to the language she was using. She repeatedly said: “I can’t cope: I can’t cope with my badly behaved children, I can’t cope … Read More

Accredited Hypnotherapy Course UK – For All Levels of Experience

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For those of you searching for a nearby hypnotherapy course, then Marisa Peer’s brand new Rapid Transformational Therapy course is one of the best-accredited UK hypnotherapy courses on the market. Named Best British Therapist by Men’s Health Magazine and featured in Tatler’s Guide to Britain’s 250 Best Doctors, Marisa Peer has recently launched her very first accredited hypnotherapy course (UK). … Read More

Hypnotherapy Training – The Perfect Time to Be a Therapist!

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With the increasing number of individuals in the UK seeking help for mental health issues including depression and anxiety, as well as other problems such as marriage counselling addictions and phobia treatment, there couldn’t be a better time to take up hypnotherapy training. With a breadth of knowledge and experience spanning over 30 years, Marisa Peer, renowned author, motivational speaker … Read More

Hypnotherapy Courses – Could You Be The Next Big Hypnotherapist On The Block?

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Hypnotherapy Courses With Marisa   About this course, as hypnotherapy is not a difficult skill, but rather one that requires a great deal of practice. Here, Marisa uses this approach to focus on developing your practical hypnotherapy skills to turn you into a truly remarkable therapist. You will be able to confidently treat a range of patients with a broad range … Read More

Lose Weight Fast – How to do it with Marisa’s Techniques

Marisa PeerWeight Loss

Lose Weight Fast With Marisa Peer Whether you’re hoping to get into your favourite dress before a friend’s wedding, or wanting to lose a few pounds before the summer, here are Marisa’s top tips to lose weight fast! There are several things that will cause you to lose weight fast. One of the most effective is DO NOT EAT LATE AT … Read More

Giving Up Alcohol – Fashion Editor Changes Her Life

Marisa PeerStop Drinking

Giving Up Alcohol– A True Story Picture the scene: you’ve had a stressful day at work. Everything that you prioritised to get done today is still lingering in the in-tray; that nagging feeling of unfinished business won’t go away; you can’t wait to get home. When you finally get there, it’s shoes off, cooker on, dog fed – but not … Read More