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Fat Burning Vegetarian Diet

I frequently get asked by clients and readers how to maintain a fat burning vegetarian diet. Since much of the advice in my book is centred on eating lean proteins like fresh fish, grilled chicken, eggs, and tinned fish, alongside a variety of green vegetables and fruit, this poses a challenge to people who want […]

Empty Calories- Don’t Drink Your Calories

Empty Calories- how to avoid them! When my clients, readers and followers are trying to lose weight, their focus is understandably centred on the foods they should and shouldn’t be eating. However, when I ask someone who is struggling to lose weight to tell me everything they’re drinking, I’m always shocked by by how many people […]

Bikini Body Diet – With Marisa Peer

Bikini Body Diet Tips With the last weeks of summer quickly approaching, I thought I’d post my bikini body diet for those of you going on the last of your summer holidays. Preparing to look good in a bikini doesn’t mean you have to be hungry—it means you have to fill up on the right foods. […]

Healthy Alternative to Crisps

Healthy Alternative Snack Idea Successful dieters and healthy eaters know that the best way to kick an unhealthy food habit is to replace it with a healthy alternative. Since so many of my clients are addicted to sweets, I often write on my blog about sugar addiction, but today I wanted to post a recipe […]

Why the Food Pyramid is WRONG

Food Pyramid Is Wrong– here’s why. By: Marisa Peer I totally disagree with the food pyramid and think the food pyramid is wrong; it is so wrong and needs to be turned on its head. I can only imagine it was invented by cereal producers. There are NO human dietary requirements for grains and yet […]

Diets That Work by Marisa Peer

Diets That Work and Those That Don’t I can’t tell you about “Diets that work”  because the fact is – diets don’t work! They deprive you of food so that you think about it all the time – and actually end up eating more. FACT! People who diet tend to PUT ON MORE WEIGHT than those […]

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