My 6-year-old little boy has an incurable kidney disease. We were told nothing would work and he would reach end-stage renal failure by the time he's 10. I had given up hope until I watched your videos. I told everyone in our home from now on we are going to say that Dylan's kidneys aren't working great but they'll work themselves out and get better soon. Well, I started doing it around Christmas time and today we learned he is in a partial remission!!!! Which is incredible. I KNOW that it's been because of a better attitude. I am so grateful. I could never thank you enough and as a mum, I hope you can understand that I will never ever forget this. - Rachael Ravenhill

Rachael Ravenhill


I have struggled with mental health issues just about my entire life. I spent years in the mental health system going to counselors and programs and taking medications that didn't work. When I stumbled upon Ted Talks and Marisa's message about strategies for standing up against rejection and ways to have connection instead, I felt like I had finally found the answer to a question I had been searching for. It is easy to know what to do to protect yourself from getting physically hurt. I just didn't know what to do about being psychologically hurt. So when we had to move, or when my sister got a divorce, or when someone for some reason didn't like me I just let it all in. When Marisa said that you know you don't have to let other people's opinions in so that they hurt you it just changed my entire way of looking at the world. Everyone should hear her message. I tell everyone I know about it but people hear what they want to hear. Just tell her that she's made a difference in my life and I will always be thankful that she shared her wisdom and insights through Ted Talks - Amy


Hi Anna, in response to my recent RTT™ therapy.

Before having RTT™ therapy my mood was very low and my problems with my relationship with food were consuming me. I was not aware that I was eating to please other people and was using food as a tool to pleasure others. My diet consisted of processed foods which were easily accessible and only included fresh fruit and vegetables when I could be bothered to cook. This behaviour was largely due to my constant yoyo mood and unhappy state of mind at that time.

After having the RTT™ therapy I was very emotional and found myself exhausted for the first 2 days. It, however, has helped me to establish the “whys” and “how” I see food and the damage that it was having on my health and wellbeing. The following weeks I learnt, with the help of the recording I am listening to every night, to put into perspective how I can correct this. I have stripped everything back to basics and am finding my relationship with food much healthier. It has given me the power to enable me to make better choices, allowing me to understand that food is a fuel and is not taken to please others. I also have only been eating when I am hungry. Due to this new healthier relationship I have with food, I have not felt hungry or have missed anything and have gone on to have lost 6lbs in weight. My skin looks and feels better, and my energy levels have increased.

I found the delivery of the RTT™ therapy very good, delivered in a calm and tranquil surrounding. Your conduct was impeccable and allowed me as the receiver of the RTT™ to feel safe, cared for and at ease. Your tone of voice and pitch was therapeutic which allowed me to relax enabling the therapy to be successful.

I would highly recommend you to other people and have spoken to close family and friends of the benefits of this therapy. This has changed my way of living and is a tool that I can use and keep referring to each day. It unlocked many buried memories which at the time was very emotional, but through this, I have become a better person. My happiness has increased, my understanding of food has greatened and the benefits of RTT™ for me is that my weight is steadily decreasing while still allowing me to eat and enjoy food.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for helping me to become this better person who now can live with food as a fuel and not as a comforter.

Sharon Landess

A recent RTT™ graduate

WOW. I’ve just watched your webinar. I’m 27 and have struggled with stress and anxiety, confidence and fear for many years. Watching your webinar this morning has sparked something inside of me so much so it has actually made me cry as I type this. For years I’ve read books/blogs/meditation/tapping solution etc and nothing seems to click. The way you have articulated the webinar made me feel a sense of who I used to be and who I want to be again ..but better. I can’t wait to start your I am Enough programme. Thank you Marisa. Thank you. - Mariel Jones

Mariel Jones

Another amazing story! I saw Marisa on my 16th round of IVF and I totally subscribed to what she asked me to do. I fell pregnant on that cycle and now have 2 boys. Always grateful! X - @humpot1


A gazillion thank yous! I had zero friends. Just an angry, lonely (denied btw), person who wanted death to come soon. Something unblocked and I no longer feel closed off! People are opening up as a result of going through the rejection session twice! I'm 58 this month. Worked on me for decades. You come along and boom! Life changes! I purchased the Uncompromised Life course through Mindvalley. I just can't thank you enough! I hope that life gives back to you in the most incredible ways! - ks1961ks


My family's life, as well as my own of course, have changed for only the better thanks to you. Your coaching paid off in so many ways. I lost 15 lbs so far, received a healthy raise at work, and our business is growing. God bless you. Happy New Year. - Francesca Galea Ford

Francesca Galea Ford

The return on investment in this course is invaluable! The benefits are priceless. I am regaining my health and salvaging my relationship with my husband. I can say that what Marisa does is a labor of love. The course price is nothing in comparison to the benefits gained from following what she says. - Lorna, I Am Enough


I listened to Marisa's perfect pregnancy audio almost every night before my son was born. I am so happy to report that I didn't have any nausea and my pregnancy was indeed a dream. I felt strong and happy and grounded throughout. What was crazy was when I would go to the doctor for checkups and they would say verbatim the phrases Marisa had been whispering in my ear each night. Things like, "Your baby looks perfect!" "Your baby is so strong". Listening to this audio made me feel like I was subtly guiding my body and the baby to develop in the perfect way that they both knew how to do. Thank you, Marisa - Emily Fletcher

Emily Fletcher

Back in November, I attended Tony Robbins’ UPW Program. It’s a weekend-long full immersion event and the most powerful thing I’ve ever done for myself. It’s a truly life-changing experience I’ll never forget. Today I did an RTT™ session with Tracy. When I saw the power of this hour and a half was tenfold from that of UPW it is no exaggeration. I have never experienced such an eye-opening, conscious-releasing tool. I didn’t have any expectations going into my session. I love Tracy as a person and love her work so I knew whatever it was, it was going to be good. I didn’t know it would be of this magnitude. If you are considering trying out RTT™ with Tracy it is the single best thing you can give yourself. I would pay 3x what I did for UPW for one session with Tracy (and I say that as a huge fan of Tony Robbins’ work, absolutely nothing against UPW was it's awesome and highly recommended that’s just the magnitude of RTT™ with Tracy. Just wanted to share for those looking for a sign if you should check it out. Here’s the sign to do it! - Rachel


It is a fantastic course with the added bonus of online material & Masterclasses.

The amount of people I’ve helped & seen transform through what I’ve learnt, for me, goes far beyond what I invested. Yes, it’s a lot of money, but every single penny has been worth it, not only from my clients but my own healing too. The memories I uncovered held such deep routed issues & if I’d never seen a client then that shift alone would have been worth it. To give freedom to a struggling teen or a gorgeous 30 year old who didn’t see her own worth has been life changing. It’s become a passion that has purpose & I feel incredibly proud to say I’m an RTT™ Practitioner - Sasha Holyoake

Sasha Holyoake

On 9th May a family friend was involved in a motorbike accident – he avoided having his leg amputated but was given a terrible prognosis following his operation. He’s a young man – my ‘adopted son’ and he and my own son are just breaking through on the music scene so not only devastating news personally but also business-wise as they were about the start the tour that would secure their position and bring in the money at last. A couple of days later I did Command Cell Therapy – I used the model of his good leg and I also upgraded the child to offer the blueprint of his young leg as a template. His recovery has been incredible – he did the first concert to 25,000 fans last weekend and stood up all the way through – just 2 weeks after the accident – and they fly off today for more dates around Europe, returning for Glastonbury Festival! Thanks RTT™!!! - Bryony Whiteley

Bryony Whiteley

Fantastic customer service and Sarah Jane was a delight to speak to. I almost feel like I know her. 20 out of 10! For her. Great advice, helpful and quick to reply 🙂

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