Kelly Shmyrko

Kelly Shmyrko

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I am a Certified Marisa Peer Hypnotherapist. I found Marisa Peer when I was searching for an answer to an “incurable” condition of mine. Marisa Peer resolved the issue for me  in 1 demo session. I was hooked. I healed from a lifetime of pain in less than 2 hours.

Now, that is what I do for my clients. The door to possibilities opened up wide for me. My clients are now seeing lasting results for issues that  some were feeling hopeless about.

Hypnosis is quick and effective and gets the job done. A lifetime of limiting beliefs, past traumas and pain are eliminated forever. People get their quality of life back. Some clients finally live the life that they had only dreamt about previous to their hypnosis session.

I have a real soft spot for troubled teens and men struggling with emotional pain. It is so rewarding to see these people recover from depression, suicidal thoughts, lost confidence and damaged lives. My clients return to tell me that the anxiety that kept them from having friends and going out in public is gone and they are sociable and able to live fulfilling lives. Teens are able to cope with the stress of school and peer pressure. Men are able to function at a high capacity in their jobs and maintain healthy, fulfilling relationships.

I am passionate in helping all females in returning to their feminine strength; eliminating social programming and past physical, psychological or sexual abuse. It is a beautiful thing to see strong, whole women, once again nurturing their families and contributing to society in a healthy body and state of mind.

Children light up my day and I welcome the privilege to work with all ages and to see the results that enable them to grow into healthy teens and adults after resolving all manner of issues with the ease and speed of hypnosis. Children respond so quickly, as they are pure, absorbing beings.

Your brain is a holding device. It is not selective it what it keeps. It is a reference tool to draw upon when you require information. Hypnosis helps to alter the neural pathways to eliminate negative thought patterns. Hypnosis also allows your fascinating brain to recreate positive neural pathways, resulting in changed habits and recovery from pain, addictions and traumas.

Hypnosis is safe, easy and simple. Your brain just needs direction and repetition. You will be astonished at the level of results that you receive from hypnosis.

I am fascinated with every client and dedicated at assisting them using hypnosis in their journey to experience their desired results.


Shiftt360 Health and Wellness 780 521 0088

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