Weight Loss

Are you a “yo-yo dieter” struggling to overcome the stress and low self-esteem that comes with drastic weight loss plans? There’s no denying it, weight loss is challenging. I have invested much of my 30 years of experience in hypnotherapy into developing an approach to weight loss that is safer, non-invasive and more sustainable than surgery or extreme dieting. If you’re tired of wanting to switch that carrot for a carrot cake, my approaches to weight loss slowly change this frame of mind, whilst still allowing you to indulge in the foods you love!

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Marisa Peer Weight Loss Programmes:

Hypnotherapy Gastric Banding:

Surgical gastric banding comes riddled with the risks of invasive surgery and puts a tremendous amount of strain on the body, however, there’s no traffic warden that comes with it to stop you from still eating that chocolate bar. The main issue here is that, even with a smaller stomach, you can still eat unhealthy foods. Hypnotic gastric banding is a safe, non-invasive method of weight loss that focuses on making you believe your stomach is a lot smaller than it is, and lowering the input of food your brain is used to. By programming you to prioritise healthy foods such as proteins and vegetables, and taking each day as it comes, you will slowly start to see your body change – with no scarring, drastic diets or boring workouts!*

Increased Confidence & Self-Esteem

Hypnotherapy Weight Control

My new weight control CD reveals the reasons behind your struggle with weight loss, and maintaining a lower body weight. You may have tried measures such as weight loss pills, long workouts or even surgery, but hypnotherapy weight control can target your unconscious mind so you can develop a positive relationship with food and exercise. You will feel more confident in your own skin and the negative thoughts you have about eating will slowly start to vanish.

Both of my CDs can be purchased on my website www.marisapeer.com for just £39.10 each. For more information, you can book a call with me and I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.


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