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– The way you eat is run by the way you think. If you change the way you think about food, you can effortlessly eat differently for life
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Confidence & Self Esteem: Learn the techniques—such as self-praise and positive affirmation—which will improve your relationship with yourself and boost happiness.
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Overcoming All Addictions: Uncover and release the pain, guilt, or negative experiences that trigger your addiction and you will never have to be controlled by it again.
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Overcoming Fears & Phobias: Our fears are a reflection of a past trauma or discomfort. Face the root of your fear and watch it disappear from your life.
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Becoming Mentally & Physically Younger: Staying and looking young isn’t all about cosmetic enhancements. Keep your mind challenged and your body lithe with Marisa’s techniques.
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Overcome Depression & Anxiety: We live in a world where we’re told we are not in control of our circumstances. Marisa teaches you how controlling your thoughts can improve your life.
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Pregnancy starts in the mind: identify your “baby blocks” and cure your infertility with Marisa’s techniques—whether it’s medical, secondary or unexplained.
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Attract & Maintain Love: You can’t find love until you love yourself. Marisa teaches you how to stop searching for the one and start attracting them to you.

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Did you know hypnotherapy can be used in the treatment of…

Habit Breaking
High Blood Pressure
Immune Disorders
Menstrual Health
Pain Management
Panic Attacks
Performance Anxiety
Premature Ejaculation
Psychosexual disorders
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Skin conditions
Sleep Disorders
Sports Performance
Weight Loss
Virtual Gastric Band