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Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy Method

Marisa reveals her unique and extraordinary method for rapidly uncovering the root cause of a client’s problem.  Regression is a powerful tool that needs skilled handling.   You will develop detective like skills, linking scenes in a way that allows your clients to make sense of the barriers and challenges they have been facing.  This deep understanding that you develop with your client enables them to be free to move forward in a positive way. This is why the program is called RAPID Transformational Therapy™.

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I’m going to share with you some new research, that reveals the exact reason why your road to success is paved with hard work and struggle. You may have tried everything from goal setting techniques to execution strategies, productivity hacks, time management tricks and perhaps even personal coaching.

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Amazon Best-Selling Author

A best-selling author of four books, Marisa’s USP is that she teaches “simple steps that produce dramatic and life-changing results”. She seamlessly brings her one-of-a-kind therapy room techniques to the podium, leaving her audiences both transfixed and transformed. Her acclaimed “Mastermind Your Life” series focuses on the thought patterns and mental habits that can be detrimental or beneficial to our success, depending on how we use them. When she reveals to audiences her fundamental rule—that all our emotional and personal problems come from us believing that we’re not ‘enough’—and explains how to overcome it, the results are tremendous and dramatic.

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